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We are a love centred early years provider serving infants from 6 weeks up to primary education level.

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Our happy parents

Our daughter is excited every morning about going to school and we see such an amazing progress in her personal, academic and social development on a daily basis which I must say is highly commendable. She asks a lot of questions with an eagerness to learn new things and what I find most interesting is how people are always quick to point out that for a child her age she is able to communicate quite remarkably, even with adults. >>Read more

Mr Dakwoji

As first time parents scared of letting our son Bryan Isangedighi be cared for by total strangers we went in search of a good school that would be accommodating and child friendly. Then on this blissful day at a friend’s store, I met with Mrs Isioma Kuteyi a calm and subtle lady very approachable with good listening ears. I felt comfortable with her and told her I was so scared of taking my son to just any school with the kind of stories going around, >>Read more

Mrs Isangedighi


  • Kingdom education with a biblical worldview
  • Enabling and engaging environment
  • Small class size and recommended children/student : carer/teacher ratio
  • Rigorous hybrid academic program of British and Nigerian curriculum
  • Shared community between children, school and home
  • Co – curriculum activities
  • Strong emphasis on soft skills