Schools have been locked down for a couple of weeks now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We at RHS ran a Free virtual online school for 2 weeks for our Playgroup to Primary students. It was lovely reconnecting with our children on whatsapp video, teaching video clips and on the Seesaw app every day.

We could imagine their faces liven up as they saw their teachers and carers again, and hearing them call out their names in the course of the lessons.

Here are some of the feedbacks we got from our families:

“The virtual teaching and learning has been effective and the videos have really helped in reinforcing each lesson.

We love the fact that we can always go back to videos to reinforce learning.

“I must confess these videos have been so helpful at least refreshing Michelle’s brain and also having to see her teacher every day on videos😁. Thank you and God bless” – Mrs Akinboyewa

It was a new and different learning experience for her especially seeing her teacher online, which wasn’t what she was expecting when we told her she will be starting school today.

“Overall, we found it effective as the course outline for each subject was well explained and videos short enough to keep her attention span.”👍👍👍 – Mrs Dakwoji

“I sincerely want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers – you are doing very well “ – Ms Effah

Is your child at risk for Covid-19 slide?

Restore House School Children Virtual Engagement Program

What is covid – 19 slide? This is the academic loss that children will experience during this extended stay at home break from school. Children who don’t read and stay engaged during this time can lose up to three months of reading/academic progress and that loss has a cumulative, long – term effect.

What are we (Parents & School) going to do about this? Let’s collaborate to make sure this is not our children’s experience.

Here is our proposal as a school:

  1. 3 days per week engagement with the children.
  2. Of which will be 1 live session per week through Zoom/WhatsApp video

Like we will appreciate this will come at a cost, with due consideration of the financial effects of the covid – 19, and in no way adding to any of our family’s financial burdens we are offering this programme at a fixed weekly fee as follow:

Class Subject Areas Cost
Playgroup Class
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding the World
₦2,000 per week
Nursery & Reception
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding the World
₦2,500 per week
  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
₦3,000 per week

This program is also available to children who do not attend Restore House School. Contact the school by either calling/WhatsApp.