Mrs Isangedighi

As first time parents scared of letting our son Bryan be cared for by total strangers we went in search of a good school that would be accommodating and child friendly. Then on this blissful day at a friend’s store, I met with Mrs Isioma Kuteyi a calm and subtle lady very approachable with good listening ears. I felt comfortable with her and told her I was so scared of taking my son to just any school with the kind of stories going around, to cut the long story short I got to know she has a school. She convinced me to try it and be calm and so I did and today I have no regrets.

My son Bryan is so calculated, prime and proper, extremely neat and smart,so polite and caring, to crown it all he prays with me when he comes back home and repeats what he is being taught in school. He is just 3 years old. Most times we look for extremely big schools, trust me I love the attention my son gets.He gets 100 percent attention. Thanks to Mrs Isioma Kuteyi and her wonderful staffs at Restore house school I am happy my son is with them.