About Us

Restore House School is a privately owned, care and education centre for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school children. We are driven by a passion to see the restoration of Care and Education in Nigeria back to God’s original design for each child and their families. We seek to provide excellent care and education for the children in a nurturing, learning, engaging, safe and peaceful environment. We are a Kingdom School that provides Care and Education in collaboration with the family. We run a hybrid curriculum of predominately British and Nigeria. We provide support and the tools needed in an environment that will ensure an excellent and holistic development for your child.

RHS was birthed in our hearts months before relocating to Lagos. It was birthed out of a deep-seated desire to make available an excellent early years and primary education, where the nature and the principles of God’s Kingdom is taught. Secondly, we desire to contribute to the restoration of education and the family back to what God originally intended it to be. We believe that the most important years of a child’s development are the early years (0-6 years), and the subsequent years in primary education. The importance of these early years cannot be overemphasised for the building of a solid foundation and a brilliant legacy for posterity.

We look forward to meeting you and your children


Kingdom education with a biblical worldview
Enabling and engaging environment
Co – curriculum activities
Strong emphasis on soft skills